Yogurt Maker Guarantee Form

Submit this as your Repair/Replacement Guarantee in the event of making a claim.


We guarantee this product against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials for twelve months domestic use from the date of purchase.
During this guarantee period we will replace any defective EasiYo Yogurt Maker. However, as the product includes a number of parts, only the defective part will be replaced. We reserve the right to make minor adjustments instead of replacing the product. Packaging, instructions, recipes etc. will not be replaced unless faulty.

This guarantee excludes defects caused by the product not being used in accordance with instructions, accidental damage, misuse or being tampered with by unauthorised persons.
If a failure or fault occurs, the appliance or part should be returned to either the place of purchase or directly to EasiYo Products Limited (New Zealand, Australian and UK addresses).

If forwarding to EasiYo Products, attach a label to the Yogurt Maker stating your full name, address and nature of the fault or complaint and pack the appliance in a strong carton before posting.
The Guarantee and Purchase Receipt should accompany any claims.

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